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What does do? is a traffic exchange which operates through your screensaver. That means that for each and every minute that your computer is showing the ScreenBlaze screensaver, you'll earn credits. Those credits will then be spent on showing your web site to other people who are running the screensaver. For each minute your screensaver or someone in your downline's screensaver is running, you earn 1/10 of a credit (more on why 1/10 is better than any other number in a bit). Your credits are redeemed automatically as your own site is shown to other people running the screensaver (in a category you select, so it's targeted).

To provide maximum viral growth of your ad inventory, offers a 10-level downline structure, which means that if you tell someone about, and they tell some, and so on (10 levels deep), everyone in that network will be in your "downline."

Every minute ANYONE in your downline is running his or her screensaver, you earn 1/10 of a credit. The reason we use 1/10 is because 1/10 = 1 credit split up over 10 levels. We chose 10 levels because it has the most viral growth potential for you...if you just tell three people about ScreenBlaze and they each tell three and so on, you could be earning over 2 million credits per day!

Will installing ScreenBlaze interfere with my computer in any way?

Absolutely not! Since our screensaver will run only when your computer is idle anyway, it can't possibly affect your normal use of it. And, all you have to do to disable it later is go into your Control Panel and select another screensaver (or disable it completely)

Why the 10:1 ratio?

I spent a long time deciding exactly what the ratio should be, and finally decided on 10:1. The reasoning is quite simple. Had we gone with a 5:1, 5 level deep structure, or even a 1:1, no referral structure, your credit potential would be exponentially lower.

You definitely want this to extend 10 levels deep, as it will in no time. Most of our members with downlines experience 100 to 10,000 the credits they would normally earn just because we have a 10:1, 10-level system.

How easy is it to set up ScreenBlaze?

Our quick and easy signup process typically takes between 30 and 60 seconds to complete! You can be set up and earning a massive flow of automatic traffic in just one minute! Our signup process assumes you know NOTHING about setting up or installing software, so you won't have to worry about anything.

If anything about our system still isn't clear, simply sign up right now and everything will become clear along the way!

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"The real power ScreenBlaze provides is when you refer just a few people and you start earning traffic as each of their computers just sits there and runs the screensaver. To anyone looking to rack up hits faster than any other method (and pay nothing) - ScreenBlaze is the answer."

Dale Woodland
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